What is SEED Meditation?

The Simple, Easy, Every Day Meditation Method is the culmination of twenty five years of meditation experience by  Sarah McLean, a leading experts on contemporary meditation in the United States.  She teaches Certified Instructors at the McLean Meditation Institute (MMI)

Meditation evokes a deep state of physical rest that helps get rid of stress and enhances healing and improves immune function.  Regular meditators report being  happier and more productive than non-meditators.  The time you give to your meditation pays off in increased well being in the rest of your activities.


I am still amazed at what a day changer just 15 minutes of meditation can be.


Regular meditation increases a positive response to stress and you don't have to meditate for long to begin to notice the positive changes in your life.

What will you, your group, or clients learn in a SEED Meditation Method Class?


  • The SEED (Simple, Easy, Every Day)  Meditation Method is not a philosophy but an enjoyable, interactive meditation education and a simple practice based on years of meditation experience distilled into an every day, easy method.  Many people have a desire to reap the benefits of meditation but just don't know how to get there.  The SEED Method explains it simply and enjoyably.

  • Common meditation misconceptions- what holds people back from meditation.

  • What is meditation?  

  • Good reasons to meditate.


  • The effects of stress physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Meditation as the perfect antidote to stress.

  • The 5 Essentials of meditation

  • The 3 ingredients of meditation.

  • Simple, silent meditation technique including body relaxation, heart centered breath, self inquiry, silent breath focus and understanding mantra.

  • Meditation basics, how to, when, how long, how to address noise during meditation and a busy mind​.

  • The SEED Meditation Method is not a religious or spiritual philosophy but a simple practice based on years of meditation experience, distilled down to a simple daily practice.   



In the Simple, Easy, Every Day 

Meditation Method you will:

Get comfortable, realize it's okay to have thoughts during meditation, go easy on yourself,  choose a time of day and a time limit,  and stick with it. Once you learn how, it's a beautiful time to spend on your own mental, physical, and emotional well being that requires nothing more than your kind attention to yourslf. 


What's holding you back?  Did you know it's normal and okay to have thoughts during meditation?  Don't let that hold you back because you too can meditate.


Meditation is a natural practice that doesn't require any special form of concentration, particular belief system, or special clothing.  You do not need to sit on the floor or in a lotus position to meditate.  A chair is just fine. 


Although there are many types of meditation in the world, a simple focus on the present moment using body and breath awareness is at the heart of aSEED meditation practice.


Lowering blood pressure, decreasing physical, mental, and emotional stress, increased awareness which lends to a more centered life and better choices, and a host of physical benefits.... meditation works. Begin your journey today.