The in person sessions described on this page are suspended until we are clear to meet again face to face. Video calls are great! Let's chat about it!







There are several options for learning how to meditate with me. Contact me on how I can build a personalized practice for you or your group. I keep the prices low on purpose.

I want people to meditate because it makes the world a better place! 



Read here what clients say about private classes with me. 


Contact me about Sundays at the Loft for private clients or groups, home sessions, mine or yours. If we can't meet in person I'm always open to phone session


Sessions always include handouts and  my utmost personal attention. 

Let's talk about how I can help you lessen stress and learn to meditate.

You don't need a dedicated meditation space or perfectly quiet house in order to start meditating at home! I do it every day...

The Details About Hiring Me:

Travel areas: SE / NE Portland/ parts of N. and NW Portland and close in downtown only on bus routes. Other arrangements may sometimes be made on a case by case basis and will cost more for my travel time.

Sorry in advance that I cannot accommodate all locations. 

Contact me to find out if you're in my travel area.  

Or, you can come to the Loft on Sundays by appointment!

1332 SE 50th @Madison

$25 to $40 private session

$15 per person group setting (2 or more people)

I also see private clients at my home on a limited basis and I accept $25 to $40 for those sessions. 

Why the price range? 

I want people to meditate.

If you can do $25 let's do that. If you can do more, I'll leave that up to you and gladly accept it. 


Individual Private Session Prices

(I travel to you)

 1 to 1.5 hours $40

3 sessions for $100 

 6 sessions for $220 

Sessions usually run a generous 1.5 hours

Private Group Sessions:

 Consider inviting some friends over, and we'll have a class right in your living room! $15 per person for a one to one and a half hour class.  A group is 2 or more participants. This can be one time or ongoing.

Service Agreement:

Let's agree that:

  • Pay the total on the first session and schedule the rest of the sessions as you wish, weekly, monthly, whatever works for  you. No expiration date.

  • I accept cash, check, or paypal. (sorry, no cards)

  • Payment is due at time of session.​

  • Stuff happens: let's respect each others' time. Inclement weather, sickness, need to re-schedule- let's agree to give a 24 hr. re-scheduling notice whenever humanly possible.  

Retreats, Workshops, Private Group events:  priced per event. I have provided meditation free of charge to homeless and transitional housing shelters. If you know of a shelter, half way/transitional housing or recovery organization that would like meditation for their clients or staff, let's talk!