I'm also a writer and share these meditation thoughts for you to take a look at...it will help you understand what learning meditation will be like.

I write new meditation essays every week!

Right now I'm just loving so many ideas for my morning practice.


Don't get the impression that it's going to be too hard to get this practice into your life. 

Here is a simple meditation practice for life.

You don't have to be in a special mood to meditate.

And here is one way to practice.

And a meditation to work with.

Here are some great thoughts on starting this practice.

When fear is in control, you end up at a place that's much worse than what you were trying to avoid.

Here is an antidote...

Meditation works because of the mind-body connection.

Here is how you will learn to start a personal practice.

Here is the foundational practice of this kind of meditation.

I really have to share these thoughts on how meditation has been an antidote for my anxiety