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Group and in person sessions are on hiatus for now.
Please contact me for setting up phone or video calls. 
I have several phone clients who would be happy to give you a glowing reference of how phone sessions work for them!  
One on one teaching is great! We can make the session all about your needs.

Learning to meditate is the best investment you will ever make in yourself. 

What's Important?

Cultivating calm in the storm
Taming  the worry beast 
Releasing stress 
There is a path...
Come learn how 
to meditate.
Custom, private classes are designed to teach you how to meditate with spoken instruction. They will include a guided meditation every time. Great for beginners or those wishing to learn how to bring meditation into their lives on a daily basis.

There are many paths and forms of meditation, I enjoy teaching non-meditators or those who need a jump start how to bring meditation into their lives in simple, daily, do-able ways.  Daily practice can yield profound changes.


Each class is appropriate for absolute beginners. Learn how to meditate and how to nurture your own practice. 

 Payment:  cash,check, PayPal, Venmo.


Here are some of the basic themes for classes:

Basics, Body Relaxation


Stress relief

Thoughts: how to deal with them in


Pain and anxiety management

Visualization/ Simple Mantra

Every Day Tools of meditation

Present Moment

Heart Practices

Mind/body connection



What is meditation?


Meditation is the name given to many techniques that turn your attention inward. It is a practice that millions of people have undertaken in order to lead less stressful lives.  It can be easy, simple, and not require a new set of beliefs.  Although the practice may be spiritual for some, it is not necessarily religious in nature. Meditation is now becoming mainstream, probably due to the high amount of stress in modern culture.  People are seeking ways to live more balanced and less stressed out lives.  Meditation is the antidote to stress. 


Why should I meditate?


To experience inner peace, increase a better response to stress and to lower stress related issues that can lead to illness. Meditation treats the cause of our symptoms:  stress.  With a regular practice of meditation you can cultivate a sense of inner peace and balance. 

Some people are interested in meditation in order to lead more fulfilling, happier lives and to get some relief from the emotional pain that stress and difficulty can cause. 

We meditate not to be good meditators but for the the way we feel when we get up from meditation and walk out into the world: calmer, more centered, less stressed, rejuvenated. 

Once you're taught how to do it, it's a gift you can give yourself daily for the rest of your life. No special place or equipment required.


What is the difference between the SEED meditation method and other meditation practices?


Although the SEED method would fit in nicely with any practice or belief system you currently hold, it is not required to have special beliefs or interests in spirituality to reap the benefits of meditation, physically, emotionally, and mentally.  SEED meditation is not affiliated with a group or religion.  It is the culmination of 25 years of meditation experience gathered by an expert teacher distilled into a simple, daily practice that can be done at home.


I've tried to meditate.  I can't shut off my mind.  Can SEED meditation work for me?


Yes!  One of the main points of learning the SEED meditation method is to not expect our minds to stop thinking.  It is the job of the mind to think just like it is the job of the eyes to see.  We won't ask our minds to stop thinking but we will introduce a different focus in our meditation. A silent focus on the breath or a mantra (object for the mind) can shift our awareness from the constant stream of thoughts into a deeper state of relaxation.

Meditation is still for you if you feel you can't quiet your mind. You will begin to reap benefits and more focus by just doing the practice and your mind will begin to naturally quiet and focus.  


How should I sit to meditate?


You can sit any way that is comfortable for you.  A chair will be just fine.  You do not have to sit on the floor or have special pillows or equipment to meditate unless you want to.