For your home meditation downloads.


Recorded in a professional studio, the sound quality is excellent. There is no fancy packaging or background music, but a downloadable file. It's like paying for a private session once and being able to attend forever.


Each meditation is crafted with extreme care and from the heart. Listen to samples below.

Each download is $20.00, or get all three for $50.00

Free: Included with your purchase is my 28 page guide to starting your own meditation practice, the effects of meditation on stress, and thoughts on how to bring the practice of meditation into everyday life.

30 Minute Basic Guided Meditation - $20.00

Here is a Simple, Easy, Every Day meditation session including guided body relaxation, heart breath, breath awareness, self inquiry, and a simple but beautiful silent mantra. This is a great way to learn how to meditate and to have these useful tools as aids. You can use any of these contemplations as stand alone practices while you build up your time spent in meditation or use the whole session.

Here is a sample:

Basic Meditation Sample - Myla Stauber

Your Meditation Toolbox - $20.00

A 30 minute guide to your meditation toolbox. A collection of meditation tools to use as stand alone practices for just a few minutes a day or to add on to your practice as opening meditations. Jewels of meditation such as the long, slow, deep breath and other practices to cultivate a relationship with your breath, de-stress, deeply relax.

Here is a sample:

Meditation Toolkit Sample - Myla Stauber

Getting to Gratitude, Considering Forgivenes - $20.00

Often we want to experience more gratitude in life but there's something in the way. Consider unburdening your heart through this gentle, guided practice of forgiveness then experience the ability to bask in the glow of gratitide. Also contains a 5 minute version quick practice. A real day changer!

Here is a sample:

Gratitude and Forgiveness Sample - Myla Stauber

How to purchase audio meditations:

  1. Select your meditations from the drop down menu and purchase through PayPal.

  2. As soon as I receive the PayPal notice of payment, I will send the link to download your meditation, as well as your free meditation guide, to your PayPal email address. 

If you prefer to pay by cash or check, please email me at to make arrangements.