Myla Stauber, 
Certified Meditation
Instructor LLC




"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."

-Robert Louis Stevenson




My Vow


In December 2012 I was in a parking lot, out running errands for my family, about to start my car when the news of the Newtown school shooting broke on the radio. At that very moment, my own two precious daughters were in a school. The news of this tragedy rocked me to my core as a mother and as a human being. 


May I use my life to awaken so that I may assist  others in doing the same...


On the day of this sorrowful tragedy in that very parking lot I made a vow to myself and the world that I would find a vehicle for bringing a simple but life transformative meditation technique into mainstream settings such as wellness programs and institutions and to individuals seeking to decrease their stress. There simply had to be a way to introduce people to the stress relieving and life supporting benefits of meditation that I was reaping the results of in my own life.


It is said that action organizes around intention. My intention was to find a non-denominational meditation expert to show me how to bring meditation to groups and individuals in need.


Within a month of that intention, I found my vehicle: The McLean Meditation Institute.  


I completed my year of training in February 2014, thirteen months after I made my vow. I took this vow for life. The journey has just begun.

In 2021, we need meditation more than ever and my vow has deepened. My vow then:

If I reach one person, my life has fulfilled it's meaning.

I'm happy to say I have fulfilled my vow many

times over and only wish to continue...


I'm ready.

You're ready.

Let's meditate.

Meditation Works.


A spiritual seeker who has found a home in the practice of meditation and a  passion for partnering with others to teach it to them, I am excited to be able to offer Simple, Easy, Every Day Meditation™ Method plus years' worth of my own meditation wisdom to groups and individuals who wish to learn about meditation and start a personal practice to decrease stress, increase peace and well being. 


I did it in my own life and have great joy in knowing that I now have the tools to bring these benefits to others.  Often, people want meditation in their lives but just need a bridge to get there.The SEED Meditation Method is that bridge: it's simple, it's easy, and I teach it to you so that you can begin to cultivate an every day meditation habit.

Former massage therapist, yoga teacher and ongoing student of meditation, I've arrived at the knowledge and experience of using the mind through meditation practice as the final frontier in stress relief.

I became certified to teach the Simple, Easy,Every Day Meditation™ Method by the McLean Meditation Institute, taught by Sarah McLean, a pioneer in bringing meditation into the mainstream. I continue my education with meditation experts.   


My vision:  how to bring meditation into our every day lives.

Who I’ve taught to meditate:

I’ve had the incredible fortune to meditate with a dying cancer patient in the last months of her life.

Providing her with the meditation instruction that brought more peace and less stress into her last days was one of the greatest privileges of my life. 


This grew to allow me to later provide meditation instruction to a person coping with ALS.  I've also done home visits in care homes for the elderly.

I have partnered with several Portland non-profits including Home Forward, Human Solutions, and Wallace Medical Conern.

Teaching those who don't otherwise have much access to these classes is my passion.

I've been honored to be a co-facilitator of a trauma group for women through Human Solutions for the past four years.

We use meditation as one of our self-care tools. 


 I know that meditation has a place in pain management, coping with anxiety and lessening the ongoing stress of past trauma.


 I especially love working with beginners and have a passion for meditation to work with anxiety.

I have been interested in meditation and spirituality for most of my adult life in one form or another. In the past eight years I went from being a person who just read about meditation to a person who meditates daily as well as getting certified to teach by meditation expert Sarah Mclean. I credit excellent teachers for showing me the way and a willingness to stick with the practice for the changes in my life that I have seen due to meditation.


Although I honor my own practice of Buddhist meditation, I am thrilled to have found a vehicle to bring meditation into the mainstream with the inter-denominational SEED Meditation Method. I wanted to find a way to bring Simple, Easy, Every Day meditation to people without making them feel they had to sit for hours, find enlightenment, or change their religion.


After all... focusing on your breath is not Buddhist, Christian, or any other religious or spiritual path although all spiritual paths can definitely benefit from learning this simple meditation method. 

Lowering stress and creating more peace of mind in our daily lives is the point.  My first forays into the world of navigating "what happens inside when your eyes are closed" were only two minutes long and fraught with thoughts. I thought I wasn't doing it right.


I learned that it's okay to have thoughts during meditation! It's normal. It's the mind's job to think just like it is our eyes' job to see.  We don't ask our minds to stop thinking, but instead focus on our breath instead of our thoughts.  This timeless practice has been shown to provide a deep relaxation response. 

And if we can't focus on the breath, we'll be patient until we can.  There's lots of ways to practice.


If you've tried meditation before and think you can't do it, maybe it's because you thought you had to "clear your mind." Clear mindedness will come but not because you have to force it to happen. It happens in the practice, naturally, when you begin to experience the deep rest meditation provides.


I've learned that it isn't the thoughts that occur during the meditation that matter, nor are we meditating to try and figure things out. What matters

is how we feel when we get up from our meditation and walk out into the world... renewed, less reactive to stressors, more aligned in our lives.


I maintain my own daily meditation practice and have reaped tremendous benefit in my life from learning to meditate.  I can teach you, too. 

I believe learning to meditate is the best investment you will ever make in yourself.

Meditation works. 

Myla Stauber, teaching personal peace since 2013-