Myla Stauber, teaching personal peace since 2013

I have been a meditator for ten years.

I meditate daily and can teach you how this vital practice, with roots in the ancient world, can help heal your life. 

I taught group classes in various places in Portland for six years and have co-facilitated a Trauma Recovery Empowerment group for four years through Human Solutions as well as other non-profit work.

I am focusing on teaching meditation to private clients at this time.

Because of a tragic school shooting incident in 2012 I decided to change my life and become a meditation teacher in order to become a light in the world and teach others what I knew about the stress relieving, life improving gifts of meditation.

My vow was: “If I could help one person…” Luckily, I’ve gone on to help many people and still continue to teach guided meditation even during the pandemic through phone calls or Zoom meetings at $25.00 per session.  Yes, we can still meditate, even if it’s not in person.

I am informed by Buddhist thought and honor those roots yet teach in a way that is open to all who seek stress relief and less suffering. You won’t have to get a new religion, have a special place to meditate, be an expert, sit on the floor, chant, or meditate for hours in order to get the stress relieving benefits from meditation.




My passion is for teaching beginners how to have a home meditation practice in order to relieve their stress, sleep better, and support the challenges of being human in 2021 and beyond. I am very interested in cultivating meditation for anxiety sufferers.

To meditate is to learn to liberate, even if you have a busy mind. I have a busy mind too, and I healed my life through meditation. I can show you how, using simple tools and new skills.

I have been meditating and writing meditations to share throughout this chaotic time of pandemic. 
What Am I Working On: ways you'll learn simple, stress relieving meditation tools and see what I work on in my own meditation practice....

I specialize in teaching meditation to lower anxiety. I found solutions to living with

anxiety in my own life through meditation and have helped many others do the same.

I can teach you what I know.   

Go here to read more about how meditation can help manage anxiety.


Learning to meditate is the best investment you will ever make in yourself.

Go here to contact me to learn more about

Private Sessions 

Let's talk about how to get meditation into your life.

Need more tools in your stress relief toolbox?

You do not have to have a pristine life, a designated space or a  quiet mind in order to learn how to meditate. You won't have to  sit on the floor, change your beliefs or meditate for hours in austere ways to benefit from meditation.





You could also purchase my meditation audios if you'd like to practice at home to get started. 


My contemporary, non-denominational teaching is:

  • Designed for beginners with little to no meditation experience 

  • Suitable for adults and older, mature teens 

  • Carefully researched and meticulously written

  • Designed to teach you how to meditate

  • Guided (not silent)

  • Non-denominational but reverential to the roots of the tradition

  • Not an 8 week mindfulness course  


 Learn to meditate easily, simply, every day, without it feeling like just another thing on your to-do list. You can meditate.

Regardless of busy mind,
 busy life, spiritual affiliation
or prior experience. I have taught people
in homeless shelters
 and people suffering from anxiety,
chronic illness and trauma,
I can teach you too.



I advocate for starting your own daily practice and can show you how. 


Meditation is not meant to be a substitute for psychotherapy or medication but a set of practices useful to many people in lowering their stress level naturally. Meditation can fit in beautifully with any therapies you are already practicing.


I am certified to teach the Simple, Easy, Every Day Meditation™ Method, and infuse my teaching with the wisdom of many teachers and methods.

 My passion is in bringing the non-meditator into the world of meditation.  

                I love beginners!


 Even though I've been a daily meditator for years and an avid reader of all things meditation for over 15 years, I'll always consider myself a beginner.

I maintain my own daily meditation practice and have reaped tremendous benefit in my life from learning to meditate.  I can teach you, too.

Meditation works.

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